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To Qualify for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA):

1.    You need to have current symptoms that your animal helps you with that are significantly affecting one or more of your daily life activities; Such as your Social life (interacting with others), your Mental clarity (concentration)  or Emotional well being (sleep) .

2.    You need to have a DSM-5 Psychological Diagnosis; for example that you have; Fear while Flying, in Social Situations, Avoid Crowds, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Depression, ADD, Autism, etc that affects your daily functioning.  We will discuss and evaluate for these in the evaluation.



Jasmine G. - 6/16/17


 ​Verified buyer

My experience with Joanne was beyond excellent and positive. She immediately emailed and called back the next day to answer all of my questions and set up my appointment. She is very kind and compassionate and literally takes the time to go into detail with your history and current situation. Most importantly, she doesn't just listen to you but even took the time to teach me different things to help along with an ESA. Her diagnosis was right on point with what I was told before. My dogs have helped me in so many ways and officially having them both as ESAs brings me to peace. I would definitely recommend Joanne to anyone who can benefit from an ESA.


Kathy R. ​ 8/25/16


 ​Verified buyer

My experience with Joanne on the ESA Evaluation was extremely positive. She spent all the time needed to understand my situation and provided several suggestions on how I can address them in addition to my ESA. She is knowledgeable and with her support, I feel prepared to travel with my ESA.

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