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Let's Face It...As a Business Owner You Don't Care About Lead Generation, SEO, or Internet Marketing. (That's My Job)
You Care About Getting Actionable Sales Leads And More Business...

What We DO

What You DO

  • We buy the domain
  • We set up the hosting
  • We do the web design
  • We build out 100's of pages on high performing keywords
  • We do the SEO
  • We pay ongoing SEO costs and maintenance.
  • We overlay your website on top of our ranking website
  • Searchers sees your brand, your company, your name.
  • ​You collect the leads
  • You book the appointments
  • You make the sales
  • All leads exclusive to you. We never sell or share leads.

​Here’s How ​Lead Generation Works:

  • Every lead generated is exclusive to your business... You get the best leads as we do not offer the same leads to multiple companies like some other lead generation services do.
  • Because our leads are exclusive only to you, you're never in a "race to the bottom" with your competitors.
  • Pricing on a per "confirmed" lead basis - only real customers in your service location count as a lead
  • All leads are tracked - Our lead tracking system records every call and a detailed call report is sent to you for verification - Our phone call "whisper" feature tips you off to a lead we generated.
  • Protected geographical service area - You determine your local market and we generate exclusive ​leads  for your business.
  • You pay for performance - Which means you only pay for ​leads that are received.
  • We do all the website building, video creation, pay-per-call and other marketing - We develop and manage everything all you do is answer the phone.
  • You are not locked into a contract and can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.
  • You are not charged for leads you generate yourself.
  • All you have to do is answer the phone - the best way to get leads.
  • And ​much more!

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I've got to admit, I didn't believe you until I tried it. I don't know what SEO voodoo you employ, but man does it work like gangbusters!

John Dillahunt Sales Manager

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Forrest Evans, Graphic Designer

"When it comes to ​SEO, David is the real deal."


Jane Donahue, Pediatrician

"I'm seriously impressed. Dave, you took me to the next level. Thanks!"

Joanne Williams, LCSW 

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​I have used Internet Marketing Pros only a few months and they have brought more business sales than one of the large SEO services that I stayed with for over a year. Marketing pros has come up with effective marketing ideas on an ongoing basis and I am very grateful to find them.

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