​Digital Marketing and Lead Generation In Des Moines and I How I Do It Differently

About Me

internet marketing prosI’m local and live in Urbandale. I’m self-taught and been doing interent marketing for 20+ years. I’m interested in alternative energy and wrote the global bestseller “Making Algae Biodiesel at Home.” I’ve been married for 24 years and have a 14 year old son. (Yes, that’s an old picture above.)

Is This Your Story…

First of all, you consider all claims by internet marketing companies to be BS. I can’t say I really blame you. I get deluged by them with offers every day as well. Many of them are BS. So I’m going to prove every word I say, and I’m going to make an offer no one else in SEO will make. If this interests you, read on. If not, see you later.

The Problem You’re Having…

Let me guess:

  • You built a website, probably at great cost, and it is stuck on page 5 and going nowhere except down.
  • You used to be on page one, but you’ve been edged off by the “big boys.”
  • You know there is money to be made online, but can’t figure out the “secret sauce” to make it happen.
  • You’re a local business, you know you need to marketing online,  and you don’t know where to start.
  • You’re a business and your competitors are killing you because they are marketing online and you’re not.
  • You’ve looked at doing online marketing before and the prices for quality work are outrageous.

Trust Me, You’re Not Alone. Which Is Why….

If I decide to take on your project, you won’t pay me a thing until I get you on page one of Google.

Notice the italics above. “If I decide to take on your project…” I’m not a big company. I don’t have a huge staff. I look at each project on a case-by-case basis. I will be doing your work personally. Because of that I’m choosy about about who and what project I take.

What You Can Expect In The Preliminary Assessment.success

  • Once you contact me, I’ll get in touch quickly. We’ll set aside some time and discuss your project.
  • I’ll do preliminary keyword research, look at your website, and evaluate the chances of success.
    • I’ll give you a written report which will include your best keywords to market
    • Estimated % of success, best case scenarios, what to expect in terms of calls and sales, and your expected ROI.
    • And a price to make it happen.
  • If we choose to work together,  I’ll buy the domain name, the hosting, design the site, build it, and do the SEO...on my own dime. You pay nothing.
  • I’ll contact you twice during the initial month by email with an update our project.
  • When I get pages of that website to page one of Google, we’ll enter into a contract. (Usually about one month from start)

What You Can Expect As A Client.

Something other SEO’s don’t talk about: Ranking on the front page of Google is one half the battle. If your website isn’t converting “pageviews” to calls or sales, it doesn’t matter how good my SEO is. Your web marketing isn’t going to work.

  • You’ll pay the first month, and contract for an initial 3 months.
  • Once the first month is paid, I’ll get to work and start ranking your most competitive pages.
  • You’ll get a report every month, showing you what has been done, what has been achieved, and what needs to happen next.
  • I’ll help you with your website, make recommendations to convert more prospects to callers and sales.
  • At the end of 3 months, we’ll evaluate the performance so far. If you’re making money, and I’m happy working with you, we’ll extend our relationship to a yearly contact.


​Frequently Asked Questions

​What happens if we have an agreement, you build the initial website, and we don't or I can't move forward?

​​​Do you own the website or do I?

​​​Why won't you work on my own business website?

​Can I brand your website with my name and logo?

​​​Do you specialize in any particular niches?

​​​​What happens if you rank it to page one then it falls off the front page?

​Do you have references?

​What To See Some Mind-Blowing Results?

​Click on any picture to enlarge. These are third party reporting and results...meaning, I'm not making this stuff up! An objective third party has looked at these sites and reported the rankings. these results are for statewide, regional, and national ​campaigns.

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